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About Fusion Nutri


Fusion Nutri Sdn Bhd

A superior team created by 5 career mother.

Fusion Nutri is a platform dedicated for female entrepreneurs, Fusion Nutri is not just a platform it also let women find out their advantages and confidence. Love their family and them self, Spred out Love and positive energy.


10 Core Value of Fusion Nutri


Team Spirit

Never Give Up









Our Mission

Help customers to find health, beauty, confidence and charm

Assist who want to change their life , transform to be a fusion angel.

Build cohesive and happy team and move towards a better future.


Founder of Fusion Nutri

I am Miki Sam From Ipoh Malaysia. I am a Entrepreneur, I was Founded a company Fusion Nutri Sdn Bhd. And we own a Nutrition and development team. In my History I am a housewife and my main job was take care my family members. On 30 years old I starts my journey to become a Entrepreneur. In the process to be come a entrepreneur I did not have financial ability, network and resources. I do not know how to dress up and also do not have beautiful body shape. I did have eloquence skill. Did not have certificate on study and hard to apply for job. Becourse of lack of capital to starts a business,there for i just stay at home to be a house wife and take care on house work and my children's. When free i will hangout at my husband office help him to manage pay roll account. Lastly I starts to make some saving from daily expenses. Probably take a long time but lastly success. I use RM2000 as my Capital and starts my business selling online. Because I have a dream and target to make change on my life. i keep to work hard manage my business and use the internet application as a tools . Lastly i change my life. We can't change the environment and fate of our birth, but we can change our future life, and at the same time we can earn the value and wealth of life. From a full time house wife i turn to become a online seller. I starts to sell Beauty and health care product. In fact every woman love health care and personal care product. At the same time I build up my confidence and also help many of customer to do so. Journey to become a Entrepreneur was not that easy. I have been look down by many people even my family member. But I never give up, I keep learning and change my self to become a success entrepreneur. I change my life and also prepare a better life for my children. I Believe As we pay full attention to do something we can Influence others. I success to build up my business and have my own team members in three year time. But was not easy to maintain, even I keep learning and help to solving a lot of team members problem time by time. And at the same time I face some problem on my family issues. I give up on my business and team, i apply alchohal to release my emotions. I starts to blame myself, i not a good leader , i not a good entrepreneur, i not a good mother.After a year, I have been attract by a short video clip. Is about self image management,finally I make a decision to start over again. I starts to learn and find back my mission and vision. Finally I meet a group of team member and a benefactor. In year 2020 I rebuild a new team, new brand , and a new company. I am a person that will take immediate action after make decision. Thanks for the person that look me down, and this make me know that I need to be success. I invest to learning on my self, I setup my mentality. Struggling towards my goal, I be the person I wish to be.
I am Vivian Ng 31 years old. I get married on 18 years old. I have 3 children. A lot of people jealous on me to get marry with a rich man. But this was not the life I wish to have. I have my own particular personality, but my decision to get marry on 18. this make me been look down for many people. I even did not have saving for medical checkup. I have a sad memories that I lost my baby after two day of giving birth. I blame myself that I have no money to go for private hospital.
I encountered all kinds of problems to become entrepreneur. I did not have network and capital.I continue failer to become a entrepreneur by a lot of issue . At last I turn to Melancholy even family member and friends encourage me . But I keep telling my self i can do it. On my 30th Birthday i meet up with a good team member and benefactor step by step i become a entrepreneur . Yes i Do it.
Co-Founder of Fusion Nutri

Co-Founder of Fusion Nutri

I am Fusion Nutri Sdn Bhd Co-Founder Agnes Ng. I was a single mother before and I know that income are very important to grown up children and take good care on family. Even I get marry again and my husband was taking good care on me, but I still want to earn income by myself. I think every woman should have their own skill and self income now's a day.
Because of that I have sensitive scene for every trends in the markets. I agree with the mission and the vision of Fusion Nutri. So I join this company and wish to become first batch of a Fusion Angel.
I believe every woman can be transform to be a fusion angel. I will continue to lead team member and follower to become a Fusion Angel. And help more and more Woman to join us.
Why do we want to be come a Entrepreneur? Why do we work hard to earn money? I am aerial yoga teacher and a bride makeup artist. I have two children. I am 31 years old. On May Year 2019 I own a YOGA center and starts my business. In our life we need to learn from our mistake and moving forward. On 2017 I choose to give up my highest salary job resign and went back to Ipoh from Singapore because of my children. After came back Malaysia I need to starts for a new life, I borrow money from my mother in law for the housing down payment. and my uncle was support me on capital to run up a business.
When I work at Singapore I get good pay on my job, but I did not keep much for saving. I spend all my income easily. And I join money game investment, and lost a lot of money. I lost 30K on money game scam. Because of greedy I lost money. After 3rd time on money game scam. I notice that we need work hard to get income beside that just invest and wait for profit.
You do noting, u will get noting. If you do not believe your self , you will never success. Everyone can be as good as you can, trust your self. in pass four year I keep on learning and make change. I will keep on work hard and use time to get back what I lost in the past. Thanks god giving me now more new chance to be success. You will earn something back from your effort.
I starts my online business for half of year , but I know that traditional method of online selling will not lasting as fixed income. I build up my own team member in half year, but when my group turn on bigger and bigger , I feel very tried to take care on it. And my income become lesser.
I make a decision to join TLR and Fusion Nutri. The way to build up our Passive income on future encourage me to join. I believe this company and team member will change my life.
Internet entrepreneurship can make you success and bring you passive income. Never give up, keep on it and you will get it. A huge return that you can not imagine. This can make you become a value person. 2020 is a starting year of health, I will lead my team and member to become an Angel in fusion Nutri. We own a same dream and success together.
Co-Founder of Fusion Nutri

Co-Founder of Fusion Nutri

I am 38 years old. I have been married for 18 years. I have a pair of children 16 years old and 13 years old. I be a house wife and did not go for work about 18 years. What other thing a ask for my life? I like to invest on myself even did not have own income . I have been tag as a women that only know to spend money. And I know nothing at all. Four years ago I starts to join online selling. I wish to earn some pocket money for my self. In the beginning I earn thousand ringgit on my sales target. And i spend a lot of time on it, But my family member was not like me work so hard at last I stop my effort.
But now day my children are growing up. And I may continue back what I plant to do in the past. I want to build my own business , I don’t want to just be a normal person. Why don't I have a try. Now I getting a chance to join Fusion Nutri and to be one of them. I would like to help as much as housewife to own their own income and successes in business. We are only a house wife, beside family we also can have a different life.