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Core Angel



I am Vennesa from a comfortably-off family,live with basic necessities and carefree. After get marry I stay at home and take care on my children. But I feel that very bored and I starts a job. About 3 to 4 years’ time again I feel bored and starts trying new trend to become a part time online seller.
But is hard to get my own customer event I have change on few brands.
On early of 2020, I meet TLR a new founded company. I started my new journey and join in TLR. TLR solve a lot of online seller problems. We do no need to keep a lot of stock, and can slowly accumulate for upgrade our Agent Ranking. I start with RM600 as a member and become an Agent within a month. And i start to own my own group of downlines. When March 2020 because of Covid-19 M.O.C lockdown whole Malaysia. But TLR provided a lot of online training and sharing from internet. We been educated with a lot of skill to keep selling on product. This few month I defeat 16 competitor and be promoted to become a core Agent. At the same time, I have upgraded my reseller status to become VVIP. In TLR I meet a group of partners full with love and support.
Don't be bound with life, and keep Step forward
Challenge and keep fighting
I am 33 years old; I have three kids. I get marry on 16 years old, after get marry I lost contact with all my friend. As a housewife I busy on housework day by day and take care on my children for 16 years. I planned to work outstation before but disagree by my husband.
On year 2019 I bought the 1st product of TLR VXON, after trying this product have benefits myself, and I notice that eye was an important organ to everyone. On January 2020 I make a decision to join TLR and become a reseller.
My family member was not support me and disagree on my decision. As a woman on year 2020, event uneducated person also can try to starts learning and starts a business. I you think you can, you can. I persuade my family member, and I starts to join TLR with RM600 package.
After 9 months I become VVIP reseller and I also been promoted to become a core agent. Thanks a lot to TLR a company with super cohesion.



I am Apple lim from KL. I am accountant and own two children. My children are 7 and 9 years old. I am a normal human and I love my job. I dream to change on my life, but I keep unchanged in the comfortable life.
Human are kept learning, and the society are changing and improve. stand of living was increase time by time. Do you think your current job can improve your living style or stand of living? do you stratify with your current income?
At the time I Determined to change my life. At the same time I meet up with Miki Sam. And TLR not yet founded, I join as a team member on Miki Sam group. TLR is my 1st online reseller company that I join. I starts on RM600 package and in the same week I upgrade the package to RM1800. And now I am RM9000 reseller.
By the way I need to thanks to Miki Sam my introducer, giving me a lot of chance and keep invite me to join group gathering. I been recommended by Miki on Core Agent assessment. I prepare myself for the assessment at last I pass all the test and become one of the Core Agent.
Become a online seller, you are the boss for yourself. you need to learn a lot of skill, product knowledge, internet selling, table talk, and social media post. Time by time you need to keep learning and upgrade yourself. Some time feel tried and sad when some of our group agent are leaving the team. But I will try to monitor my emotion and encourage myself.
I not easy to success, but we need to have positive thinking. Stick on it and you will get more chance to success. Keep fighting you will gain return in the future.
I am 32 years old; I have two kids. I am a house wife, same as other house wife I spend all my time to take care my children and my family. I get marry on 22 years old, and born my first child on age of 23. I stop working for more than 10 years. I spend all the time at home, and did not have any social activity. I wear casually day by day and I do not go to salon or beauty treatment shop.
Every reunion of classmate gathering I feel hard to join their discussing topic. As I did not have working experiences and their topic are according on their job. I feel self-abased when I face with them.
Few year ago, I face financial problem on my family, and I notice that I did not have ability and saving. Beside of two children I own nothing.
I did not work for pass 10 years. I start to make some change on my self to grab a better future and try to change my family standard of living.
At the same time, I meet up with Agnes, she introduces me Total Life Renew. I start to join in TLR and transform myself to become a confidence person. Half year time I own a small group of teams member and become top seller in my team. I appreciate Agnes on introduce such a good Platform to me. She giving a lot of support and take care of me this make me Never Give Up and keep going until success.
As a conclusion even I am a mother for two children. But if you think you can, you can.
Don’t be a princess, you may be a Queen for yourself. Be good you can take care your self you can be a super woman.